Tuesday Team Story!

Sarah and Siobhan FB.jpg
Realtor, Siobhan Tidmarsh handles many things on the C | C Group team ranging all the way from client management, to marketing, to buyer agent representation. In the time she is not staging homes or running to closings, showings, meetings, and Tuesday Tours, Siobhan teaches Irish dance as a Senior Instructor at the Rince na Chroi School of Irish Dance. 
Siobhan has been dancing since age 4, starting off with the Trinity Academy of Irish Dance and then receiving most of her training from Anam Mor. She has had the opportunity to compete and perform all over the world.  She has been with Rince na Chroi since 2010.
Sarah Becker has been a part of the C | C Group for just over a year. While managing her class schedule at the University of St. Thomas, Sarah handles the social media and marketing for the C | C Group. Like Siobhan, Sarah is also involved in Irish dance. She began her dancing career with Rince na Chroi in 2007 and continues to dance today in the top class.
Siobhan and Sarah began dancing together in the same dance class in 2011 and Siobhan later became Sarah’s dance instructor in 2012. Siobhan later retired from dancing, however still continues to teach Sarah’s class and all classes at the Rince na Chroi School of Irish Dance.
Not only do Siobhan and Sarah work together within the C | C Group, but they also work together on a student- teacher basis at dance, and their friendship has grown from there.

“Siobhan has been like a big sister to me for as long as I have know her. I am lucky to have a role model like Siobhan who teaches me to be strong and motivated. She demonstrates strong work ethic at both dance and work. I have learned so much from Siobhan, and not just my dance moves!”, says Sarah Becker.

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