At Home with Cari Ann

A Lifestyle Story

Cari Ann Carter, CO-owner of C | C Group has had a passion for Homes and Design dating back to childhood. Recently she and her daughter moved into their new home. We had an opportunity to visit with Cari Ann about her recent move, raising a family, and career. Adobe Spark-5-2.jpeg

“During this holiday season, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to talk about gratitude, support, and thanks. Creating a home and helping people make that dream a reality is something I have had the opportunity to share with families for 20 years with Edina Realty. “
Cari Ann FINAL-5714.jpg
“My family and friends  have been enormous supporters over the years with what can be a very demanding career.  My daughter, Emily has been especially supportive as I have  built my business. The key for me in finding balance at home, managing activities and the career has always been about the support system.  Community, family friendships and being close to School are a huge part of that balance and absolutely contribute to managing the schedule successfully. I was fortunate enough to recently find the perfect house for me and my daughter that emulates the quality and design I so adore in older homes.  That perfect blend to live and entertain in is what people love. Creating a home to come home to and relax in is important to everyone.”
Cari Ann FINAL-5704
“I am grateful every day for my daughter, my family my friends and you.  The recent merger with my dear friend and business partner, Stephanie Chandler has been a true blessing and I am thankful for our team and what we have created.  This truly is a time to give thanks and be grateful for the people in our life.  I wish you all a beautiful Thanksgiving. -Cari Ann”
Thank you to Jamie Cramble Photography for the beautiful family photos.
Look for the feature piece on Stephanie Chandler in the month of December.

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